Coronavirus: Players Championship cancelled comment

Due to coronavirus affecting almost every sports league across the world, thousands of workers in the industry are paying the price, especially those who are freelance. spoke to freelance workers in the sports media sector about how cancelled/postponed sports events are starting to affect them:

“We were alerted that lots of high profile golf TV shows were being cancelled this morning - I was scheduled to work tomorrow and the shift has now been cancelled. Although I get paid for tomorrow's work, with any shifts that are cancelled 48 hours from now, my company aren’t required to pay me for it. It is frustrating due to the fact that freelance work is being taken from us, and given to contracted workers.

Cancellation of sports events doesn’t just affect the spectators, it also has a huge impact on the billion pound golf industry that keeps it running behind the scenes. People seem to forget that there’s a lot more to sport than the players and spectators, you have floor managers, runners, cameramen, directors, stats, producers, lighting and many more!

And with a lot of workers working freelance, coronavirus is affecting us in the worst way possible. Freelancers across the sports and media industry are going to struggle in the next few weeks as it's not only golf that has been affected but football, basketball, rugby and cricket too.”

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