TOP 10 – The most expensive environmental zones in Europe | Driving without a valid badge costs up to 2,700 EUR

The Green-Zones portal has identified the European environmental zones in which infringements are most severely punished. This can extremely reduce the budget, especially during the holiday season.


Belgium is ranked 10th and 9th among the environmental zones with the highest fines, whose permanent Low-Emission-Zones (LEZ) are located in Antwerp and Brussels. All vehicles, which are not registered in Belgium or the Netherlands, must register before entering the environmental zone and comply with the LEZ regulations. Vehicles must also register if they comply with the EURO standard. Otherwise, a fine between 150 and 350 euros may be imposed, depending on the type and frequency of the infringement.

Austria and Great Britain are ranked in the middle, where fines up to 2,000 euros are imposed in case of violation of the rules, graded according to EURO standard, type and weight of the vehicle.

Denmark is ranked 1st and therefore leader in the amount of fines. Since 2008, certain vehicle types must meet at least EURO 4 standard or EURO 3 standard with an approved particulate filter (retrofitted) before they can enter the environmental zones in Copenhagen, Aalborg and other cities. The fine for driving into a Danish environmental zone without the required environmental badge can amount to up to DKK 20,000 (approx. 2,700 euros) for a truck driver and his freight forwarding company, for example. Furthermore, the vehicle may be seized until the fine has been paid.

The TOP rankings of Europe’s environmental zones will continue in the summer months – followed by evaluations of the “largest”, “smallest”, “most polluted”, “oldest”, “newest”, “most beautiful”, “most dangerous” and “most unusual” environmental zones in Europe.

The Berlin-based company Green-Zones provides information about permanent and weather-dependent (temporary) environmental zones in Europe and in the respective European countries through its portals,, and, among others. Thanks to the free Green-Zones app and the professional app (Fleet-App), tourists and especially commercial users (e.g. bus and transport companies) can obtain reliable information in real time about the current environmental zones. The required badges and registrations are also available from Green-Zones.

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