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The Green Zones App in Danish!

Welcome dear Scandinavians – car drivers and motorists watch out! What's going on in Danish environmental zones? What do I need to know if I drive to Germany, Belgium or France? Who actually needs an environmental badge in Austria? In the Green Zones App, you can now find the answers to all these questions in Danish!


Germany has problems with nitrogen oxide levels in cities, therefore, the first diesel driving bans have now been introduced in Hamburg. Where are these zones? And who is allowed to enter? Check it in the Green Zones App! As there has been no labelling, i.e. no badge for clean diesel, the driving bans have so far only been checked by vehicle inspections, which, however, led to 173 traffic fines in the first few days after its introduction.

In order to avoid fines that vary from country to country and are also prosecuted between countries under EU agreements, it is important to check whether you need an environmental badge on your journey before travelling abroad. To do this, you can use the position search in the Green Zones App to check whether your destination is in the environmental zone. If so, you can reach all shops via Green-Zones and get missing stickers to go on holiday after receiving them.

Only those who want to travel to France should also follow the temporary zones during the trip, because bad air values can lead to driving bans at short notice, which will then be displayed in time in the app.

For its easy handling of complex functions, the Green Zones App was named one of the TOP 5 travel apps by British travel magazines and has already won several awards from road traffic professionals!

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